Do’s and Dont’s


Medicine that is not properly secured could:

  • be taken or stolen from the home by someone for whom it is not intended
  • be damaged by being stored in an unsuitable place
  • inadvertently poison children or pets

 Do’s and Don’ts of Safe Storage

  • DO store medicines in a cool, dry place
  • DO lock up medicines that are at risk for being abused – ask your  pharmacist or other healthcare professional if the prescription medicine prescribed to you or a household member has abuse potential
  • DO store medicines in original containers – the label on the bottle provides important information about the medicine such as who it is prescribed for and the date it was dispensed
  • DO keep track of how many pills you have during the course of treatment
  • DO properly discard medicines that are no longer needed or that have expired
  • DON’T leave medicines in places that are easily accessible for children
  • DON’T share medicine with someone for whom it was not intended
  • DON’T repackage medicine in unmarked containers
  • DON’T leave medicines that are at risk for being abused in plain sight or in places that aren’t secure
  • DON’T take medicines in front of children as they often mimic the behavior of adults


Source: Safeguard My Meds