Overdose Signs and Symptoms


EMERGENCY: Call “911″ IMMEDIATELY if you suspect someone is experiencing a drug overdose.


  • Won’t awaken when aroused
  • Bluish purple skin tones for lighter skinned people and grayish or ashen tones for darker skinned people
  • Slow, shallow, erratic, or absent breathing
  • Snore-like gurgling or choking sounds
  • Elevated body temperature
  • Vomiting
  • Irrational behavior or confusion

Signs and symptoms of drug overdose may differ depending upon the type of drug consumed.



  • Allow the victim to “sleep it off.”
  • Put the victim in a bath or shower.
  • Leave the victim alone.
  • Treat the victim with home remedies – they do not work and often postpone potentially life-saving medical treatment.
  • Postpone calling “911” in order to clean up the scene.


Source: Oklahoma Department of Health